Cat Simulator hack cheats generator android ios download

How to install our hack & cheats for Cat Simulator?

  1. Download the package above.
  2. Connect the phone to the computer using USB
  3. Install our free generator for Cat Simulator
  4. Wait for the application to do its job
  5. Enjoy unlocked items

The most beautiful and realistic cat simulator for many players on Android!

Be like a real cat, discover big houses and wonderful gardens. Choose from many races and dress them as you like, check in on time and of course – annoy people. Play with other cats in multiplayer mode – challenge your friends or compete with people from around the world!

– Online multiplayer game
– Different cats to choose from: little mainkun, Persian, lynx, cheetah or even tiger – and much more!
– Beautiful locations with many items to be destroyed
– Interactive people and animals
– Funny and cute accessories for cats
– Excellent graphics
– Smooth movements
– Easy control
– Record the game and share it with your friends

Now you can compete with other animal lovers in multiplayer mode! Play with other cats, meet new friends and check who is the best. You can also invite your friends to play in the location of your choice.

What is your favorite race? Siamese? A beguiling persian? Or maybe an ordinary cute gray kitten? If that’s not enough for you, try a mighty tiger or the funniest cats out of this world, like mummy!

Dressing up!
Dress up your kitty the way you want! You can choose from many different hats, funny glasses, lunches and cute shoes to improve your animal friend. Just use the arrows before you start the game to choose an outfit and go for a kiss!

Eleven locations are to be discovered – experience an explosive adventure by wandering the neighborhood! You start in a small apartment, where you learn the basics of the game. The next levels allow you to discover large gardens and various houses where pure fun is waiting for you. Ruin the barbecue party, perform missions and interact with people and other animals! This is not the end – you can go crazy and mess in the supermarket or cause a kitchen disaster in the restaurant!

In the game you will find over 50 interactions. You can destroy the fridge, ride on the vacuum cleaner, take a bath in the jacuzzi, jump into the washing machine, drink from the tap, wake up the dog and much more. Do what cats do every day!

In single player mode, you can find a rotating clock in each level, and by activating it you activate the game on time. In this mode, you need to destroy as many things as possible and get in as much interaction as possible. You get stars and more gold for collected points.

Control your cat using the joystick. The button on the left puts the dog in motion, the right one makes you fly and you can look around. Use the strike button on the right to destroy your cat’s superpower with anything you encounter.


Now you can record your gameplay! Turn this option on in settings and share videos with friends via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube!

The game will automatically detect and match the graphics quality to your device, but you can also change them yourself in the settings menu. WARNING! We advise you not to choose higher graphics settings if the game is not running smoothly – your device may not have enough memory.