Starbear: Taxi hack cheats generator android ios download

How to install our hack & cheats for Starbear: Taxi?

  1. Download the package above.
  2. Connect the phone to the computer using USB
  3. Install our free generator for Starbear: Taxi
  4. Wait for the application to do its job
  5. Enjoy unlocked items


TAXI BEARS – Taxi bears around town before the clock runs out!
AVOID & CLEAR OBSTACLES – Watch out for sneaky bandit raccoons!
EARN THE HIGHEST SCORE – Collect the most honey money to win!

* Immersive VR gameplay – Built natively/exclusively for VR, this action-packed fast-paced taxi gameplay will keep any gamer engaged!
* Fun VR controls – natural physics-based RC flight controls with both 6DOF & 3DOF input
* Charming art design – featuring custom cartoony graphics technology
* Replayable – Fun replayable “arcade” experience is always fresh during every “run” and keeps you coming back for more!
* ♫ Dynamic soundtrack ♫ – Music suited to your playstyle